Alone With You

PSV《Alone With You》中文奖杯列表

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Alone With You

白1 金7 银9 铜8 总25

#1 Space Pioneer

Unlock all trophies.

#2 What a week

Complete the first week's worth of missions.

#3 Double rotation

Make it through the second week's missions.

#4 Are we there yet?

Finish the third week's missions.

#5 Voracious reader

Find all of the story pages throughout the Comms Relay.

#6 Grease monkey

Find all of the hand-drawn schematics throughout Colony B.

#7 It's complicated

Find all of the important mementos throughout the Caves.

#8 Green thumb

Find all of the key artifacts throughout the Agro-domes.

#9 Unlikely couple

Reveal the full story of the bittersweet work romance.

#10 Science nerd

Impress your companion with your knowledge of weather.

#11 A shoulder to cry on

Tell Winnie about William's feelings for her.

#12 Back in one piece

Complete your first mission.

#13 Check the O.R.

You like it so far?

#14 I didn't mean it

Apologize for doubting a companion.

#15 Happy birthday, David

Discover a moment of reconciliation

#16 Sweet talker

Spend all three special simulations with one hologram, and let them know you care.

#17 The communicator

Commit to Winnie Laurier, find all her mementos, and choose to escape.

#18 The director

Commit to Pierre Tong, find all his mementos, and choose to escape.

#19 The botanist

Commit to Leslie Bharadwaj, find all her mementos, and choose to escape.

#20 The explorer

Commit to Jean Lumumba, find all his mementos, and choose to escape.

#21 Playing the field

Spend each special simulation with a different companion.

#22 It was you all along

Commit to no other companion, choose to stay behind with the AI.

#23 Alone

Escape the planet.

#24 With You

Stay behind with the AI.

#25 Roll call

Scan all colony members